Wynonna Judd Weight Loss

Wynonna Judd Weight Loss – Not all of Hollywood celebrities is slim and sexy,some of those is trying hard to get lose of their excessive body weight. One of those is Wynonna Judd that barely survived in two almost dead experiences.This country singer gets rid all junk food away from her around in every single time of day.The result from that hard trying is she was able to lower her body weight until 25 kilograms. Let’s follow this sharing about Wynonna Judd weight loss till the end of article, will you?

How Wynonna Judd Weight Loss?

Wynonna Judd was so open yet honest in her own battle to lose her weight.In the beginning of this year,she started to diet and doing exercise after two experiences that putting her in hard situation to save her own life.In March of 2010,doctors sentenced that there was blood clots in her lungs that be caused the complications of stomach operation.And then,in July Wynonna Judd had a car accident that put her in critical condition.Yeah, these two scary experience which send her realized to have a healthy lifestyle.

Her excessive body weight was very caused by her own emotional to always run to food when she was in trouble.In People,she uttered that “my weight wasn’t a problem but a symptom”. She also uttered that “Food is my way to reward and soothe.But now, i don’t do that anymore”.

In her early step to get down her excessive body weight,she was using conditioning of brain state that helped her a lot to lose her weight by “forcing” her own self to not run into food when she got stress.She also took some exercise like a daily walks to support her healthy life.

Effect of Wynonna Judd weight loss ?

The pleasant effect when she lose her weight was she was able to wear jeans,sexy undergarments,also tops with low cuts style. That surely be an amazing experience that happened on her life. She also grabbed back her confidence to socialize with her friends in clubs and walking inside the lingerie shop without being ashamed over her obesity. Still in People, Wynonna Judd strengthened her healthy life with uttering “Now i am able to climb the hill behind house of mine without puking”.

There above how Wynonna Judd reached her goal to have a healthy lifestyle. Yeah,a good lifestyle doesn’t mean it should be expensive ones. Nope,it always starts from the very small things around us, rather to our daily activities. Yeah, indeed the fat is not always unhealthy, some are healthy.but most of them are not. Have a healthy lifestyle with exercise, nutritious foods, and adequate rest will help you more alive in every single day of yours. Are you the next Wynonna Judd? Good luck!