Weight Loss with Vegan Diet

Weight Loss with Vegan Diet – People have their very own principal about many things including about the way they eat. Some people choose to eat anything without any restriction. However, we can make sure that there are also some people who choose to follow certain diet plan because of various reasons. Some people choose not to consume product from meat because of health, religious, or environmental reason. They decide to become vegan but it does not mean that they will not have the problem which is faced by people who eat meat. They still want to lose some of their weight but they worry that they have to sacrifice their nutritional needs. People who choose vegetarian way and even people who do not can find the vegan diet weight loss plan which will be useful for losing weight. There is no need to worry about the nutritional needs as long as they make the right choice of foods and control the portion.

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Guidelines for Healthy Vegan Diet Weight Loss

By taking eating plan with 1.500 calorie for a day, people will be able to lose 1 lb. pound in a week with vegan diet weight loss. They can still get the nutrients which can keep their body healthy but they have to choose the calorie source from six grain servings including brown rice, fortified cereal with high fiber for breakfast, oatmeal, and bread with high fiber. Next, there are also three fruits servings including pear, apple, orange, and banana. There are also three vegetables servings including broccoli, spinach, mustard greens, as well as collard greens. People must not forget to eat six ounces of protein which can be found from peas, nut butters, nuts, beans, and soy. As for the calcium intake, they can drink rice milk, almond milk, or calcium fortified soy in two or three servings.

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Essential Nutrients in Vegan Diet Weight Loss

In vegan diet weight loss, people have to pay attention to some essential nutrients intake. Calcium which is usually can be found from the dairy intake can be replaced by taking calcium fortified beverages and cereals. They can also find it from soy beans, broccoli, almonds, figs, and kale. Vitamin D which can be found usually in fish and milk can be replaced by taking supplement. Vegan maybe also needs to take supplement of vitamin B12. Absorbance of iron from plant source will not be as efficient as absorbance from meat. That is why they need to get extra iron in daily basis by consuming whole grains, lentils, dried fruits, nuts, and vegetables with green leaves. Flaxseed and canola will be good source of Omega-3 fatty acids

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