Weight Loss Food Plan For Morning and Evening Menu

weight loss food plan for morning and evening menu – In a diet program, planning foods is really important to do. There are some foods which you may consume. But several foods should be thrown away. So, for starting the diet program, you have to make a list about the foods which you may consume. The list will help you to arrange the menu. So, your diet program will be on a tract. Here, we will give you weight loss food plan in the morning and in the afternoon. If you follow this plan, you can have the slim body.


Food plan for morning menu

Before going to work, it is important for you to consume foods but still consider the weight loss food plan. But the foods should be fewer carbohydrates. If you like eating rice, the rice must be in the small amount. Three spoons of rice will give enough energy for your activity. But you have to combine it with fruits and vegetables. So, after eating rice, you may have a bowl of soup. But the soup should consist of a lot of vegetables. The, the fruits can be added also. If your habit is drinking milk, the selection of milk should be right. You have to drink low fat milk. Actually, milk is good for body. It contains sugar and calcium.  The calcium is good for bones.  But for sugar, you have to control it.


Food plan for evening menu

For the evening menu, you should have more fruits and vegetables. An apple with a glass of water will be strongly recommended. The apple has fiber. It has low calories, so you may consume it. But if you like drinking milk before going to sleep, you should stop it. You should change the milk with juice. Milk has high sugar. So, it will be bad for body. If you want protein for body, you may consume a slice of bread. But adding chocolate to the bread is not recommended. Chocolate has high concentration of sugar.  If you consume it in the night time, the sugar will give great impact to your weight.

Those are the weight loss food plan for morning and evening menu. If you want to add more vitamins to the menu, you may eat more fruits. The most important thing is that you know the controlling of food in the night time. You may have more carbohydrate in the morning, but for the night time, eating some foods should be well controlled.

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