The Relationship Between Vitamin B12 and Weight Loss

The relationship between vitamin b12 and weight loss – As we know there are a lot of vitamins that exist, and one of the vitamins that there is the so-called vitamin B12, the nature of this vitamin is water soluble. This vitamin is actually a lot of us have found in various foods. But today we can find vitamin b12 as one supplement for weight loss. Is there a connection between vitamin b12 and weight loss? Perhaps it is in our minds.

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The benefits of vitamin b12 and weight loss

Today there are many people who inject vitamin B12 into our bodies, but is it true that vitamin b12 and weight loss are related? Actually the function of vitamin B12 is convert carbohydrates into glucose, so it is useful for the production of energy, which will make us avoid feeling tired and lethargic. Additionally Functions of Vitamin B12 is to help the nervous system, reducing depression, also prevents brain shrinkage. There is another function of this vitamin, as a protection against heart disease by limiting the unhealthy cholesterol levels in the body, and problems associated with other heart. The last function is to maintain healthy skin, hair and nails, especially in regenerating cells die. In addition, this vitamin may protect us from cancer. So taking vitamin B12 is not going to make our weight down.

Lack of vitamin b12 and weight loss

It is better if we eat or get vitamin B12 in balance, do not let the body feel a lack of vitamin B12. The Signs of vitamin B12 deficiency is usually preceded by the symptoms body feels tired easily. As for vitamin B12 is deficiency can cause some symptoms such as, fatigue, anemia, constipation, body weakness, loss of appetite, significant weight loss, depression, difficulty remembering, mouth pain, asthma, vision problems etc. However, events like this are rare because usually the liver stores of vitamin B12 sufficient reserves for several years. There are several types of people who typically require more vitamin B12. That’s because usually when we eat these vitamins can not be absorbed properly. Or even some people who need these vitamins as supplements such as people suffering from pernicious anemia, celiac disease, etc. Thus the relationship between vitamin b12 and weight loss do exist, but rather to the effects of a deficiency in vitamin B12. Therefore it is better if we try to keep our bodies well, if we want to lose weight, then it is better if we use a good program, and do not use the body as a bet on the health of our diet.

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