The HCG Weight Loss Drops

The HCG Weight Loss Drops – Obesity or overweight is one of the most common health problems; some people may consider it as harmless, but overweight may trigger serious health problems. Most people with overweight condition are wanted to have their weight reduced; it is one of the reasons that made many weight reduction products available in the market. Weight reduction program may require supplements to support the program; the use of hcg weight loss drops is one of the popular weight reduction supplements. The hcg diet is named after the use of human chorionic gonadotropin involved in supporting the weight loss program; the hormone is produced by the body during pregnancy.

HCG Weight Loss

The hCG Weight Loss Drops for Weight Reduction Program

The hCG diet is quite popular due to its extreme diet program with 500 calorie diet and the use of hCG injection. This kind of diet program was associated to the dramatic weight reduction; the up to one pound weight reduction in a day was mentioned as the result of the program. On the other hand; the diet method with the use of hCG injection is medically unexplainable. There are suggestions that the calorie consumption restriction is the one responsible for the weight reduction. The introduction of hcg weight loss drops is providing an alternative weight loss program with the involvement of similar supplement, but having different intake method. The hCG hormone is not injected to the body, but consumed in the form of oral product. There are several options of oral drops for the hCG hormone available in stores to support the weight loss program.

HCG Weight Loss Diet

The Weight Reduction Program with hCG Weight Loss Drops

The use of hcg weight loss drops for the weight reduction program may require specific diet of food intake management; it will limit the calorie consumption to 500 calorie per day during the 8 weeks of the program. The diet will consist of two meals in a day with only lunch and dinner every day. Each taken meal should consist of one vegetable, one fruit, one breadstick and one protein source. It is possible to take fresh fish, spinach, breadstick and orange for lunch or dinner. Oils and butter consumption is not allowed for the hCG diet. It may require serious effort to do this diet as well as to acquire the wanted result of weight reduction. The consumption of only 500 calorie in a day is not a comfortable lifestyle for most people.

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