Tea for Healthy Weight

Tea for Healthy Weight – Tea for our diet menu is not just a slogan anymore. We can get some benefits by drinking tea. Furthermore, drinking a cup of tea may enhance your sense of well-being. Well, the tea lovers will definitely like this. So, what do you choose for the best weight loss tea?


Some tips before drinking best weight loss tea

Before looking for kinds of tea for our diet, we must know few things first. We may drink more than a cup of tea a day if willing to try loosing weight. Well, two or three cups a day are just fine, but more than that will give you dental and sleep problem. Other issue is drinking too much tea can disturb your iron absorption. Furthermore, we can receive the best result if drinking plain tea or using non-caloric sugar or free fat milk. Thus, we must consider those tips before choosing to consume best weight loss tea.


Kinds of best weight loss tea

There are so many kinds of tea we can choose. Different people have different preferences on kind of tea. Now we want to see tea which is good for our diet in loosing weight. Here are kinds of tea.

  • Bilberry tea can balance our sugar levels and reduce cravings for some women.
  • Green tea has already known for encouraging weight loss and burning calories. This tea is good to preserve our metabolic health.
  • Hibiscus tea contains flavonoids and minerals that surely can reduce absorption of fats.
  • Oolong tea is able to reduce cholesterol and assist in fat burning.
  • Peppermint tea can speed up digestion, control cravings, increase our immunity to infections, and also ease indigestion.
  • Pu-erh tea is fermented tea from eastern China. This tea helps to literally shrink fat cells in our body.
  • Rose tea is caffeine-free and has more antioxidants than green tea. This tea is considered to clear toxins from our body system and able to prevent constipation. Furthermore, rose tea can help to beautify our skin because of containing an array of vitamins.
  • Star Anise tea is Illicium verum, the fruit of an evergreen tree, called Chinese star anise. It is proved as an antimicrobial and able to promote digestive health by decreasing water weight. However, it may be toxic to infants.
  • White tea slows down our body’s capability to absorb fats. Then, it also supports stress reduction.
  • Yerba Mate tea contains chemicals that help our body burn fat and calories. It also suppresses appetite.

Thus, it returns to our preference to choose the best weight loss tea for our diet.

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