Superfoods for Weight Loss

Superfoods for Weight Loss – The term of superfoods is used to define kinds of foods that contain of healthy benefit. The nutrition inside the superfoods is beyond the basic nutrition itself. For example, there are many superfoods contain of high vitamin concentration, mineral, and antioxidant that can help people to against heart disease risk. For you who are in diet program now, you may need the foods with low calorie. You need to know that there are superfoods for weight loss to support you get your dreaming body shape naturally and healthy. The following superfoods can be added in your daily diet menu, and those foods are very easy to get.


Superfoods for Weight Loss: Beans and Guava

There is a specialist in nutrition clinic explains that although beans have high calorie, but beans contain of the healthy fat and high fiber. The one benefit that is given by consume beans is you will be avoided by heart disease and it can help you to decrease the cholesterol level inside your body. There are some healthy beans are suggested to consume, for instance, almond, walnut, pecan, peanut, and so forth. Remember to consume beans in plenty portion, not too much. For the guava lovers, you have to be proud because this tropical fruit becomes the one of superfoods for weight loss. Guava is superfood that contains of high lycopene than other fruits. Lycopene is antioxidant and strong anticancer. A cup of guava has 8 grams of fiber that will help you to control the blood sugar stability and help your body to lose insulin that can keep the fat.


Superfoods for Weight Loss: Egg and Sardine

Egg is recommended as the superfoods for weight loss because it contains of high lutein and protein. Lutein itself can support your eyes health, and then Colin will support your cognitive function. The white egg is the good diet dish, but the most vitamins and minerals as vitamin D, zinc, and folat is found out inside the yolk, not in white egg. If you don’t like egg, you may try to consume other superfood, which is sardine. Sardine contains of omega-3 that can decrease the cholesterol and other risk facyor for heart disease. A can of sardine provides more than 150 percent of daily proportion toward vitamin B-12. A physician said that sardine is safe fish; it means that sardine doesn’t bring the mercury contamination risk that is dangerous for your body health. You can add the other superfoods to complete your daily menu, such as spinach, red bean, and blueberry.

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