Some Things about Ketogenic Diet Weight Loss

Some Things about Ketogenic Diet Weight Loss – What is actually ketogenic diet weight loss? This diet is often called keto diet. It is a diet pattern using body fat to be the energy source. The function of carbohydrate can be replaced by the fats. This ketogenic diet is slightly popular to be the diet method for weight loss. To apply this diet properly, here are some things about ketogenic weight loss.


Applying High-Fat Diet

To make your body get into the ketogenic condition, you have to apply high-fat diet and low protein with very low carbohydrate assumption. This is being the diet guidance for the first two days. But, it is better to prepare the balanced and right portion of the diet meal. The portion ratio is about 65% of fats, 30% of protein and 5% of carbohydrate. The protein is increased to be back up for muscle tissues. The low carbohydrate makes insulin not able to keep the excess of calorie to be fats.

Now, your body does not have carbohydrate and needs to find the energy resource like fats. This is a good situation if you want to reduce body fats. Your body will split the fats and use it to be energy source. This condition is called ketosis. It enables you to decrease fat content in the body and also keep the condition of muscles. It remembers to consume at least 1 gram protein for every pound for your body weight. Remember the ratio of consuming food. If your body weight is about 150 pounds, it is great to consume 150 gram of protein every day. Then, consume it for four times of calorie content that means you need 600 calorie per day to have ketogenic diet weight loss.

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Doing Ketogenic Diet Regularly

Ketogenic diet should not be always done every day. It is enough to conduct four to five days per week. At weekend, you are free to eat any kinds of high carbohydrate food. It is better to add liquid carbohydrate like whey. This drink is much recommended after spending the time in the gym. The aim of eating much more food in weekend is at recharging your body and meeting the nutrition. Ketogenic diet weight loss can be concluded in some opinions. You have to reach the ketosis condition with reducing and even losing carbohydrate from diet menu. You need to consume high fat and low protein. In addition, you have to consume much more fiber. It is better to consider the content of protein consumed after being in a ketosis condition.

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