Sara Rue Diet Secrets

Sara Rue Diet Secrets – A bride-to-be must look gorgeous on the wedding day. She must walk along the alley in a beautiful wedding dress, great make-up, and elegant wedding hairstyle. A simple white wedding dress will do if the bride has slim and gorgeous body shape. However, not all brides-to-be are gifted with slim body. However, some brides are overweight and must work hard to achieve ideal weight.

Behind the success of Sara Rue Weight Loss Program

If you are one of those overweight brides-to-be, you must follow the example from Sara Rue weight loss program. After she got engaged, she started to deal with her obesity. The star of Rules of engagement wanted to be a beautiful slim bride. In eight months, she lost 50 lbs. It is thanks to her commitment and control. She admitted that following her diet program was not easy at first months. She craved for a glass of wine at dinner and struggled to follow her exercise schedule at first. However, she had a supportive and excellent consultant. Her consultant is very helping and supportive so that Rue can stay committed to her diet program. Being on a diet is not easy. You must stay committed and have supportive partner and friends in order to reach your weight loss goal.

Sara Rue Diet Plan

If you see Sara Rue, you are likely unable to recognize her. Now, she is slim and beautiful. Sara Rue weight loss is her major transformation. She followed Jenny Craig diet plan. The 1300 calories diet from Jenny Craig is delicious. Following this diet program is easier than following fad diets. Rue said that the menus never made her feel like being deprived from the food she wanted to eat. There are more than 70 menus to choose for breakfasts, meals, desserts, and snacks.

Here is one of the examples of Sara Rue diet plan. Jenny Craig maple hot cereal plus ¾ mixed berries or bananas for breakfast, Jenny Craig Anytime bar and a cup of mixed berries for snack time, enchiladas, romaine lettuce and salsa for lunch, an apple for snack time, Jenny Craig macaroni and cheese for dinner and cheesecake as the dessert.

To balance the diet plan, Rue walked her dog and ran for an hour each day. At first, she used pedometer to count her steps so that she could reach the target of walking 10,000 steps a day. She used to be a bad runner. However, with a gradual training, she can run for two hours and a half straight without resting.