Losing Weight with HCG Diet

Losing Weight with HCG Diet – There are people who race to gain quick weight loss. They try various methods. One of the methods is diet including HCG shots. Before you try this diet type, please seek information as much as you can and also consult with your doctor whether or not you may take HCG shots for weight loss. It is because some people still consider that this kind of diet is extreme.

HCG Weight Loss

What is HCG shot for weight loss?

HCG is human chorionic gonadotropin. It is a kind of hormone that is made by women when they are pregnant. In HCG diet, the HCG shot will not cause any pain if it is done properly and uses fine needle. The daily HCG shot may be given with interval about 24 hours. Do not try to use larger doses and interval more than 24 hours because the result will disappoint you. So, use the right doses and interval. The HCG shot has no contraindication. You still may have HCG diet in progress although you are suffering from abscesses, suppuration, large infected wounds and major fractures.

Furthermore, before having HCG shots for weight loss, you must discuss it with your doctor and take some tests to see if it is the right choice for you. Then, the doctor will provide the proper procedure or method of taking HCG shots by yourself at home.

HCG Weight Loss Diet

More about HCG shots for weight loss

Well, HCG diet has some rules that look peculiar. In this diet, you are demanded to consume only one vegetable per meal. Then, you are not allowed to use oil, body lotion, and any hygiene product. Moreover, you may not exercise. What a rule! The use of HCG hormone is also limited to cycles of 23 and 46 days. Anyway, HCG shots do change the way of your weight loss. Being inside the bloodstream, HCG casts out your appetite. Then, HCG hormone also helps our body produce more hormones. Furthermore, HCG shots prevent you from losing muscle during the diet because HCG hormone provokes muscle building.

In HCG diet, HCG enters our body by injection. This method is chosen because it is proved to be able increasing blood levels of HCG. Meanwhile, the method of pills, drops, or sprays results in dispersing the hormone before entering the blood. Remember, you should take the HCG shots by the doctor’s prescription and under medical supervision. Thus, you must consider carefully before taking HCG shots for weight loss.

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