Lose Weight in Menopause

Lose Weight in Menopause – Menopause surely is kind of condition which cannot be avoided by women when they are getting older. Getting older will make them have to face various kinds of change in their body including in their menstrual period. Menopause will make them have different hormonal condition in the body and of course there will be some effects which can be found including associated with the body weight. Many women get extra weight as they age. They will find that it is more difficult to maintain their weight during menopause. They get overweight body easily and it will be more difficult for getting the best result of weight loss during menopause. In fact, menopause weight gain cannot be refused by many women but there are some ways which can be taken for reversing the process by paying attention much more to the healthy eating habit as well as active lifestyle.

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Weight Loss duringMenopause and Cause of Menopause Weight Gain

Before women can find more information about the best method of weight loss during menopause, maybe they need to know more about the reason why they gain weight during menopause. Of course the biggest culprit of this circumstance cannot be separated from the hormonal change of menopause. They will be easier to gain weight around the thighs as well as hips. However, people should understand that it is not only menopause which causes the weight gain. It is more associated with the aging, genetic, and lifestyle factors. Stress will also be another factor which makes women has to face weight gain problem during menopause.

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Steps of Weight Loss during Menopause

It is true that losing weight during menopause will not be easy for women. However, we can make sure that there are some steps which can be taken for losing weight during menopause and keep their weight. The very first step which can be taken as effort of weight loss during menopause is sparing time for doing physical exercise in daily basis. It does not mean that they have to run a marathon because all that they need is just daily walking for 30 minutes. Gardening and dancing will also be great option of exercise which is not only useful for losing weight but also for having fun. They can also talk to the nutritionist for getting more information about the healthy foods which should be placed in their refrigerator. They must avoid sweetened juice and soda. Fruits should be the foods which women consume especially when they love to snack. Fruits will always be healthier snack which they can eat for maintain their weight.

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