Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program

Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program – One of diet plans which are considerable by those who struggle with their weight is ideal protein weight loss program. Developed by Dr. Tran Tien Chanh, the diet plan consists of 4-stage eating plan for not only losing weight and burning but also helps maintaining muscles and lean tissues. This diet program helps long term health promotion as well weight control for the rest of life so the followers will not be left with other struggling to keep their ideal weight after the plan is successfully done.

Dr. Tran Tien Chanh Ideal Diet

The Features of Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program

There are several differences between ideal protein weight loss program and other protein diet plan which can be consideration. The focuses of this diet program are about eh pancreas, insulin production and the weight loss. It treats the weight problem as its source so after the weight goal has been reached the body will only produce the right amount of insulin. The aim of the diet method is to reduce the fat and carbohydrates whereas preserve the protein so we can keep the muscle yet lose the fat.

The method of this diet plan also features the high biological proteins that recreate the biological value for 100% of the complete protein as well eight essential amino acids. The plan is also claimed as less toxic method because the limited use of saturated fat and avoid of some chemical substance such as trans fats, aspartame, MSG and GMO. In addition, besides the program will help reducing the weight and help maintaining the weight also useful for healthier life.

Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program

The Phases of Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program

Many people struggle to maintain the stable weight after the diet process and it is the common problem faced by many dieters since they only gain temporary ideal weight just because they don’t know how to preserve the stable weight and prevent regaining weight. It is actually about the habit changes especially related to the lifestyle. Thus, the ideal protein weight loss program provides for phases of the method and will be assisted with a coach to assist during the program.

The first and second phase is about helping to set the goals of losing weight and support the process of weight loss. In phases three and four, it will focus on the weight stabilization and weight maintenance post after the diet program. The coach will assist in every phase and they will teach about several things which can be learned related to the weight loss with this diet plan.