How to Know Calorie Intake for Weight Loss

How to know calorie intake for weight loss – Overweight is health problem that not only bad for people longer health but also for their appearances. In many cases, overweight lead to lower self-confidence. Many people tend to be unconfident when their bulky fats become attention for many peoples. Hence, they are willing to do many things so that they could remove their annoying fats. Some may choose to do strict diet but the others may prefer to hardly exercise for healthier result. However, losing weight also can be done by maintaining the nutrients that may lead to overweight. One of nutrients that are highly correlated with weight gain is calories. Hence, maintaining calorie intake for weight loss can be one of effective ways that you can try.


The purpose of calorie intake for weight loss

By doing this program, it does not mean that you strictly restrict the calorie input to your body since somehow your body still needs calorie fur burning process and metabolism. Restricting cause too much even will cause bad effect your body health. The purpose of calorie intake for weight loss is to know the exact amounts of calorie that should be taken based on your calorie needs so that the intake will not surpass your need that can lead to the overweight. The need of calorie from one person to another is different. It is affected by many factors such as activities, ages, gender, and weight. People who often do hard exercise actually will need more calories as sources of energy for their workout. The normal calorie intake for women is 1200 while for men is 1500. But, for them who do a lot of activities may need around 1600 up to 2000.


Using calorie calculator to count calorie intake for weight loss

To know the exact measurement of calorie intake for weight loss that you need, you can use scientific calorie calculator or weight loss calculator. Using calorie calculator is better than counting the calorie in your own since you will know the healthy range of calorie restriction to reach the desired weight loss. Mostly you will be recommended to intake calorie a bit less than your normal needs. When using calorie intake calculator, it commonly will require you to put your ages. Then, gender is also important since different gender needs different amount of calorie. It also identifies your weight and height because people with different weight and height lead to different calorie needs. Numerous calorie calculators also ask you to fill the frequent exercises in a week as we know that workout affect calorie needs as well.

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