Healthy Weight Loss Per Week

Healthy Weight Loss Per Week – Many girls want to lose weight, yet, they do diet carelessly. As the consequence, they do not lose weight, but gain disease. It is suggested that if one wants to lose weight, he/she should go to the dietitian and ask for some advice. Or, if you still do not have time seeing expert, search, browse, and go to Google. By that way, you can find the right way to lose your weight. Many websites discuss about this subject. Some provide ways to lose weight instantly, which are, of course, not suggested because of its unhealthy effects. Please eat less do more exercise if you want to lose weight. That is the simple way that you can do. But, we still need guidance that lead us to good way to get healthy weight loss per week. For example like in

Simple Way to Have Healthy Weight Loss per Week

Do not eat anything is a good diet? No, of course not. Our body needs certain amount of calories everyday to stay healthy. Eat vegetables only is a good diet? The answer is no too. Why? Because our body needs some sort of nutrition that sometimes cannot be gotten from merely eating vegetables every day. Be wise and choose the good way of losing weight. This is one good and simple way. For example you burn 500 calories each day in a week, then you will approximately lose 1 to 2 pounds. As stated before, if you want it to be faster, then do more exercise and please eat less. For example again. Each day, if you consume 1050 to 1200 calories and do an hour exercise, you can lose 3 to 5 pounds in first week, or even more if you are about 250 pounds. That is healthy weight loss per week. Attention! Do not cut more calories. It affects your healthy.

Some Good Ways of Having Fast yet Healthy Weight Loss per Week

Girls usually cannot be patient. They want their fat body to be slim in a short time. Losing weight fast can be done in good and safely. Here are some tips from Dawn Jackson Blatner, RD: eat a lot of vegetables everyday so that you feel full, have a lot of glasses of water, not in an instance, of course, do not keep fatty food inside your house, keep yourself busy, so that you do not eat all the time, eat your meal on the dining table (not in front of TV), do not try to skip one of eating times, for example, you do not have your dinner. Last but not least, write down the food you eat, so that you know and control the calories that you consume every day. By doing these tips, you will be able to have healthy weight loss per week. Have a try!

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