Healthy Smoothie Recipes for Weight Loss

Healthy Smoothie Recipes for Weight Loss – What food or drink your diet boring? Maybe it helps if you make healthy smoothie recipes for weight loss; this is one delicious drink that can also make you become slim. The recipe is very simple to make and easy to make. What we need is some specific substances, and most of the material is in our kitchen. Here are two smoothie recipes that you can try.

Chocolate healthy smoothie recipes for weight loss

You can try to drink chocolate smoothie. Anyone would love this drink; a drink made of chocolate will make you healthy. Thick chocolate flavor, combined with ice, some yoghurt, etc., so it seems unimaginable. Truly remarkable, here’s a healthy smoothie recipes for weight loss what we need is 4 small ice cubes, then there is also ½ cup vanilla frozen yogurt flavors are low in fat, and other ingredients that we need is one shot of espresso, and 2 teaspoons of cocoa powder. After all the material collected, then mix all ingredients and place in a blender or food processor using high speed, blend until really smooth and well blended. It’s not hard not to make it; it’s also not losing favor with other beverages.

Mango healthy smoothie recipes for weight loss

The next recipe is a mango smoothie, this is the healthy smoothie recipes for weight loss the other tastes. The mix of sour taste and sweet flavor make this drink tasted fresh. When you drink it you will feel fresh, it feels fresh and also the efficacy of the drink also makes you healthy, because this drink will not make you fat. Here is the recipe that you should try, ¼ cups chopped mango and also provide ¼ cups ripe avocado, mashed. Provide also a 1/2 cups mango juice, and also provide ¼ cups fat-free vanilla yogurt. In addition to also provide 1 tablespoon fresh lime juice, then there is also 1 tablespoon sugar, add ice cubes to taste. If all the material is collected, then we can blend all ingredients together. Blend until smooth, and flat. Once smooth, then pour into a glass, you can decorate your smoothie made ​​with fruits like mango slices or sliced ​​strawberries. It was cold, sour and sweet so makes us feel fresh. You can try it, and feel how the sensation of this drink. Or maybe you can make another recipe, from the fruits that will make you feel healthier.

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