Happier Children without Overweight

Happier Children without Overweight – Most parents are glad if people call their children cute or fat. Here means their children are healthy. Indeed, a healthy child is every parent’s hope. They will do anything for the sake of their children’s health. But be careful, instead of having a happy child we may end up with a child with overweight issue. Alas, it is like a nightmare for parents. Of course, some children who are overweight still can do their activities freely. They are not disturbed by their weight. However, some children do have problem with being overweight. They may not be active in their daily routine. They cannot move easily, though only for changing their body position. These children really need to lose their weight. Who can help them the most? Their parents, of course. Well, their children also must realize the need to lose weight. It is for their own good.


Achieving Weight Loss for Children

The effort of losing weight needs the contribution from parents and also children. What can parents do then? To achieve weight loss for children, the parents can do some ways. As a start, give the children a specific plan to do everyday. For instance, they must exercise every morning or afternoon. They may just run around the block two times. Then, the most important thing here is control the food in the house. The parents must know what their children eat. It will be better if parents made daily healthy menu for whole family member. Therefore, it is not only the children with overweight issue who get healthier, but also other family members.

Maintaining Weight Loss for Children

Well, parents may feel relieved after their children reach their ideal weight. The children will also feel more relieved. However, the new challenge comes. Are the children able to preserve their weight? There is fear if their weight will return to be overweight. In this situation the parents should show to their children that they will be there anytime the children in need.

In maintaining the weight loss for children, the parents must cooperate with their children. Any effort may fail without contribution of the parents and children. The most important thing in this part is support from whole family members. Their support is necessary for the sustainability of maintaining the weight loss. The children will not feel alone in doing all efforts needed to keep their weight in balance. The higher enthusiasm they have, the bigger effort they do. Furthermore, the parents must be persistent in doing their contribution but should be patient also. For example, the parents may not skip in encourage their children for exercising. No matter how tired the parents, they must do what has been planned together. Thus, having weight loss for children can be a challenging but happy journey for the family.

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