Extreme Weight Loss Diets

Extreme Weight Loss Diets – Having excess weight is definitely not fun; therefore there are many people who are trying to lose weight in many ways, including with less methods of extreme weight loss diets. This method is not without risk, but the desire to get the ideal body weight fast, a lot of people put aside the health factor. One diet program with a quick way is to eat cabbage soup.

How to make a bunch of extreme weight loss diets cabbage soup

Have you ever heard of the cabbage soup diet to be used? This is one of the programs extreme weight loss diets, diets that are rich in fiber and also promising. The trick is to eat this cabbage soup for a week. Not that you have to consume these foods whenever we are hungry, but there are rules, with a set pattern of daily food and collaborate with cabbage soup. For the first day we can consume any fruit, except bananas, while separately beverages, we can consume unsweetened tea, cranberry juice and water. As for the second day you will consume green vegetables, such as vegetable made ​​or may be made juices. As for the day when you can consume potatoes, grilled with a large size, buttered, certainly sounds delicious. As for the fourth day, you can eat bananas and milk. For the fifth day you can consume a maximum of 566 g beef, and to drink you can consume tomato juice. For six days you can consume liver and vegetables, we could make as a vegetable or even juice. For the last day you can consume the rice cabbage soup every day and also drink 6- 8 glasses every day.

Extreme Weight Loss Diets Programs

When we consume cabbage soup we could mix a few other ingredients to taste sing, such as onions, green peppers, tomatoes, carrots, mushrooms. We can also use salt, bouillon, pepper and other seasonings to taste are not too bland. When we apply cabbage soup diet properly, then your weight will drop quickly. However, this program should not be done more than a week. The key to extreme weight loss diets fad with this cabbage soup is to drink 4 glasses of water a day, and also comes with a regular diet. There is nothing wrong if you use a multivitamin to supplement your stamina. Do not let us feel hungry stomach, so that the program works so well, you DAPT around this by eating vegetables or fruits, so that our hunger is reduced. But not everyone is suited to this diet plan, there are some people who are not strong when running this program, it helps if we stop this program, if we feel dizziness, weakness, and decreased concentration gradually, because if passed might damage our bodies .

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