Excess Skin After Weight Loss

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Excess Skin After Weight Loss – The excess of body weight indeed has the important aspect that allow the confidence level gets down. Moreover, body with excessive weight could cause the horrible illness if we do not  take a notice on it. There are many factors that put us on the excessive weight,the unhealthy lifestyle is the one of. The fact is when we start paying attention on our significant increase of body weight,we would take all the way to lose it down reach the ideal weight. One of those way is doing a strict diet program that often abandon us with excess skin,isn’t it?Have trouble with this case? Well,the author will share the excess skin after weight loss. Let’s check it out.

How to tighten excess skin after weight loss :

  1. Drink water

Water allows skin to be smoother and more flexible,that is why water is needed a lot by skin for avoiding dry and dehydration of skin.You may fulfill it with minimum 8 glasses of water every day.

  1. Consume meals with high-protein

Protein is able to help skin to speed the growth and functions of the whole body organ,include skin.You can do it with increasing your protein intake in each day through chicken breast or beef. Also, you can take salmon,cheese,fat-free milk for being collagen and elastin support meals.These two names mentioned earlier is having good benefits for skin.

  1. Rubbing the dead skin

Exfoliation of dead cells can be done with using squash vegetable. This vegetable is popular in get rid the dead skin.

  1. Building body muscle mass

You allow to increase the flexibility of skin by building body muscle mass.In this case, a weightlifting exercise is one of the choices to tighten your excessive skin completed.

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  1. Consume Vitamin A,E,C

By taking vitamin A,E,C will work out in stimulating the growth of collagen which is very good for flexibility of skin.

  1. Lower and maintain low fat content

The lose of body weight doesn’t mean your low fat content is low as well. The athletes suggest to lower fat content by exercising and high protein diet also low fat in 10 – 12 % and maintain it minimum a year.Then,your slack skin will adjust body muscle.Make it sure it’s the fat content that get down,not your muscle mass.

  1. Avoid the drastic decrease of body weight

If you are on the lose weight diet,you should not take the ways to have your ideal body weight drastically since it will make your skin get slack. By doing your program diet step by step, your skin will adjust your body shape well.The decrease of body weight itself by the expert on the field,it should be a half of kilo in two weeks or 2 kg in a month.

How to prevent the excess skin after loss weight by a healthy lifestyle :

  1. Have an adequate rest

The fatness doesn’t come from the excessive meals only,but the lack of rest 8 hours of sleep is a good lifestyle you can take.

  1. Reduce stress

Bad stress and mood will increase your taste of meals that has high possibility in gaining your body weight.Reduce it down.

  1. Get rid all of soda drinks

Soda drinks contains at least 250 calories and all made from sugar that we all know be able to put us in the fatness.

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