Colon Cleanseing for Weight Loss

Colon Cleanseing for Weight Loss – Although this procedure is so popular for the health purpose or other specific purposes, colon cleansing for weigh loss is not necessary. Because there are a safer and better ways to cleanse the colon naturally with healthy diet habit like consuming fruits and vegetables. If you have digestive dissorder such as constipation, diarhea, fart bloating, or heartburn, you might consider doing the colon cleansing procedure. But make sure to get enough information before you agree to do this procedure. So you can decide if the benefits really greater than the risks and complications that can occur.

colon cleanse for weight loss

Colon cleansing: anything related?

The theory behind colon cleansing leads to the following sort of thing: “toxin or poison” that entering into your body from food you eat, water that you drink, and from the environment that you live and work. Some people believe that doing colon cleanse for weight loss can help you feel better and make your body works better. However, there are no studies that showing about all advantages as mentioned.

Colon cleansing is done by inserting a liquid (some kind of fluid, drugs, and other additives) into the colon through a pipe or hose then inserted into the particular recturn, irradiation with ultraviolet, and heated to match temperature of the human body. The water that has been sterilized will flowed slowly through the anus into the colon with water about 5-10cc. then the water that has entered into the colon was allowed about 1-3 minutes.

The water inside the colon is useful to soften the feces and releases dirt that lay on the wall of colon, as well as stimulate to contract. When the contraction happen, the tufts will automatically push out the entire content of the colon through a water hose or pipe.


Is it necessary to do a colon cleansing?

Busy women who live in the big cities are generally difficult to balance their diet program. To much activities forced them to consume unhealthy food such as fast food and junk food. The tight work schedule does not give a little time for women to do some exercise. It affects a lack of sleep hours until stress disorder.

With colon cleanse weight loss, all the dirt on the wall of colons will be flushed until quite clean. So logically colon cleansing weigh loss is good step. According to medical expert, colon cleansing for detox is not necessary because it can make your body dehydration and increase kidney works. You better to consult with the doctor. Make sure the equipment is new and sterile. If it using herbal medicine, do not forget to ask the substances contained.

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