Body Mass Index

Body Mass Index – Are you a woman and overweight? Maybe it is time for you to try body mass index calculator. Most of people have used it to know about their body. Basically BMI is a measurement which compares weight and height so you can get information about body fat precentage and estimated ideal weight for each person. BMI is very useful to know a few things such as weight loss calculator for women. By knowing the value of BMI then you can know what category are you such us underweight, normal, and overweight or obesity. Obesity can lead to heart attack, diabetes, stroke, and even death.

BMI values are affected by age, but no difference between weight loss calculator for women or for men. BMI values may not be suitable to the obesity value of different population, related with differences body proportion. For example, there are Asians and Americans who have same BMI value. But the fact is Asians have higher fat mass than muscle mass. Meanwhile Americans have the opposite. So, BMI is not always the best calculator.


Tips to get the ideal body weight

If the weight loss calculator for women have spoken then you want to keep the ideal body, there are a few tips on maintaining your body weight.

  1. Exercising. Exercise is “cure all diseases” including being able to keep the weight in order to not overweight and ideal.
  2. Consuming enough fruits and vegetables. It will help you balancing your body needs and completing nutrients.
  3. No soda. Soda is going to make you look like pregnant mother. Besides, it contains many artificial sweeteners and high calories. Soda also has more disadvantage that can ruin your body health.
  4. Less stress. Always be positive and avoid stresses. Stress can make your eating habits being crap. It will affect your body weight and maybe obesity is your next thing that make you stress.
  5. No drugs. If you want to get good shapes of body and ideal body weight, do the natural way to be slim. Most of drugs may be caused negative effects for your health. It can attack your heart and liver. So if you want to lose weight, do a healthy diet please.


Then, what is the point of knowing the BMI?

By knowing the BMI at least you know you are in the category of underweight, norma, or obesity. Indeed, it is easier to diagnose obesity rather than improve it. But remember by maintain a healthy and ideal weight can reduce t risk of heart attack 35 up to 55%.

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