Be Aware of a Significant Weight Loss

Be Aware of a Significant Weight Loss – Most of us may often find out about the cause of obesity, and then how about what causes weight loss? Do you have any idea that there are many factors causing weight loss? Bring it on, guys. We will have sharing about this today.

Significant Diet

Recognize what causes weight loss!

  1. Diabetes

Diabetes is a metabolism disorders where you may experience levels of high blood glucose whether due to insulin which can’t be produced enough by body systems either body can’t give a good response to insulin itself. Even because the both.

Symptoms : Urination frequently,the excessive thirsty,a intense hunger,bruises and wounds that be hard to disappear.

  1. Depression

Depression is a disorders that affect mood become easy to sad,easy to angry, easy to frustrating. Depression can be happening along weeks even longer.

Symptoms : Having hard times to sleep or even too much sleeps,hard to concentrate, negatively thought, suicide, weight loss significantly.

  1. Cancer

Cancer is a situation where abnormal cells grow uncontrollably to the whole body. Cancer is most found out within skin or on tissue which covering internal organ (karsinoma) or on bones, fats, muscles,  vein.When cancer is started from brain, it names cancer of center nerve systems. While the cells of cancer that release its own from original cells and attacks organ or other tissue, it names metastasis.

Symptoms : weight loss significantly,unexplained exhaustion of muscle, joint pain, the thickness underneath skin for breast cancer


HIV stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus is sort of another virus in general. But a thing that makes HIV different and dangerous.HIV can ruin immune system on the body so you couldn’t against infections or virus. In this level, HIV can be causing the death.

Symptoms : having fever, muscle pain, lymph nodes inflammation, sore throat. But when HIV comes to AIDS, all the symptoms mentioned earlier increase significantly. Even another dangerous symptoms will appear. That is weight loss significantly that be caused cough and hard to breath, chronic diarrhea, blurry vision, distorted.

Significant Weight Loss

Treatment you need to do after knowing what causes weight loss

For treatment in a significant weight loss is suggested to reduce what causes itself in first. By taking support nutrition is other way to reduce the worsen weight loss. Before you make a changing of dietary menu, you need to consult to dietitians to avoid the possibility of intake fault.Beside that doing therapy or physical exercise will be good for reducing the weight loss. Take this method if it’s possible for your condition.Having a consultation with doctor is a good idea to prevent the worse complications of weight loss.

Some drugs maybe recommended for reducing weight loss, gaining weight instead. But although drugs help to gain weight but it’s not the first treatment that be recommended by the expert on the field.

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