Alton Brown Weight Loss Tips

Alton Brown Weight Loss Tips – Alton Brown is a public figure that often be seen on the television in America as author, celebrity chef, actor also cinematographer. He is the one who had the idea to create a program television, named Food Network. He is also the person that be known had a weight loss successfully. According to history of his, he got heavier in 2009. Since that,he decided to find a healthy way to lost his weight normally. He had spent the times to look for the healthy food need to take, unhealthy foods need to avoid, also he made a list of food that he had to take as daily menu. The amazing movement of his was the foods that he would take at least three times in a week,then foods he take once in a week, and foods he had to avoid at all.Today,the author will share away about Alton Brown weight loss. Here we go!

Alton Brown Weight Loss Tips

Foods List according Alton Brown weight loss tips :

1. Daily foods

–        Nuts
–        Carrots
–        Greens of dark leafy
–        Fruits
–        Whole grains

2. Foods to take three times in a week

–        Yogurt
–        Brocoli
–        Avocado
–        Sweet Potato
–        Oily fish

3. Foods to take once in a week

–        Red meat
–        Pasta
–        Desserts
–        Alcohol

4. Foods to avoid at all

–        Soda
–        Processed foods
–        Canned soups
–        Diet anything

How to run Alton Brown weight loss tips :

Alton Brown Weight Loss

Alton Brown suggests us to always love what we do so all the tips can be run successfully. First step you need to do is loving your breakfast. Like Brown, when he is at home, he will wake up and cook a tasty breakfast for her daughter. The breakfast menu always be his favorite meals of the day.

You may keep asking how to have a low calories in breakfast menu, don’t you? According to Alton Brown tips, he always brings the blender when he is away. And make a smoothie for his intake. His favorite one is Buff Smoothie. Beside that, in order to keep a low calories in every meals of his is Ginger Almonds. This meals is one of his favorite meals.

For other meals, Brown takes nuts.But he never take it over-limit to keep the amount of calories stable. Brown will eat nuts twice a day only or few ounces of nuts. Please remember that nuts is good in right portion. Last way of his to enjoy his healthy diet is doing a lot of travels. But instead of enjoy every foods in every travel, he always make the plan to run his dietary successful.

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